You are Your Own Best Healer

May 3, 2018


I’ve chosen to study Integrative Craniosacral Therapy under the guidance of Gary Strauss. He has had clients leave his table with disappeared tumors, diminished seizures, and the recovery of lifelong debilitating autoimmune pain. All this, and he credits the healing to his clients. “She/he is an amazing healer!” This perspective resonates strongly with me and it is what I use to frame my sessions with people. I am not here to fix you. I am not here to tell you what’s right or wrong for your process. I’m here to meet you where you are, so your unique process can unfold. I am here to awaken your “innate intelligence” in returning to a dynamic equilibrium in your system. I hold space with the utmost trust and respect for your soul. 


The Craniosacral rhythm, emanating from the midline of the body opens one up to source and ancestral insight. It connects a person more strongly with their purpose and agency. 

“What is sometimes called the "cranial mechanism" is not a chronometer; it is a water-based weave of living tissue. The multi-layered genesis of the wave makes each person's cranial movement as unique as his fingerprints. As it passes through the head the cranial wave behaves in molding patterns that produce dilations and textures rich with interpretive nuance, allowing diagnostic interface with the spirit. The cranial wave is thus one way that both brain and spirit have of expressing their needs.” -Hugh Milne


Major life shifts on all levels may take place as a result of this work. Falsehoods become illuminated and there is clarity about the actions necessary toward a more authentic life. This therapy has a place in counteracting our culture. We are conditioned to go to doctors to be fixed, remedied, or prescribed. In connecting to your craniosacral rhythm, I believe I am handing the power back to you. In this space, you are supported in connecting to your own sense of what you need to bring true healing to your life.


Typically, in receiving this nuanced therapy, you are given the space to deeply calm and restore the nervous system. As a result, the body can take over in unwinding and letting go, in righting itself. Each time I approach a table, I am truly humbled by this work. It is a treasure to witness the power of the individual to return to wholeness in their own unique way.


The fluid in our spines is the source of what we are. It is what first develops in embryo. Craniosacral fluid forms out of amniotic fluid, which connects us to our evolutionary origins as the fish, which connects us back out to the cosmos. It is the truth of what we are, beyond the story of being human. You are larger than what you can see. You contain the cosmos in your cells. You are your own best healer.



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