"Dana is a healer in the truest sense of the word. Her journey with her own health challenges and what she has overcome, with great courage, tenacity and grace is her stamp of approval. Working with Dana was a true unwinding for me. My nervous system felt settled for days after a session with her. I highly recommend anyone work with her. Feel it for yourself. Have a true experience of a great unwinding within yourself. That lasts..."

Sukhdev Jackson, world-renown Kundalini Yoga teacher and musician of Aykanna

“Having lived with chronic neck pain on and off for 25 years, I’ve tried more therapies and therapists than I can remember. In just a short time, the work I’ve done with Dana has been transformative. The acute pain for which I originally saw her was completely released. In an hour and a half.  With barely a touch. The process and the result were unlike any other I’ve experienced. The release of trauma and stress was so significant and manifested itself in a way that left me feeling unencumbered, clear, and calm. Beyond relief from pain, her work has allowed me to start to heal history and begin to think consciously in the present, for the present, and with a mindfulness I can’t remember ever having. I spent many successful years in corporate America, speaking publicly, managing teams and leading sizable projects. Critical thinking was a large part of my professional life. But my personal self has always been inhibited. Dana’s given me a direct line to my thoughts and the ability to iterate them with ease. I feel the inhibitions that cloud judgement and influence decisions starting to lift. It’s incredible to sense the beginnings of an inner peace that has for so long been so elusive. Few things are more valuable.”

Nayla Ammar, Organizer

“It seems to me that Dana’s own journey of healing her body has opened up doorways in her understanding of how energy works and how to facilitate a deep authentic healing process for others. The space she holds is loving, clear and allows for deep held trauma in the tissue to surface and to be released.
I highly recommend working with her.”

Olaf Hartmann, Qi Gong Instructor and Craniosacral Therapist

"Dana is a wonderful therapist. I have had four sessions with her and each one has been unique and deeply effective. Dana takes her time to really listen to the body and has an extensive knowledge of multiple systems of the anatomy. Her space is calm, clean and peaceful. Working with Dana, she was able to help me connect and unwind some very deep patterns that I was holding.  I have had many sessions of cranio-sacral and Dana is by far the best practitioner I have every worked with. I recommend her endlessly!"

Jillian Stein, Pilates Instructor and Dance Artist based in Los Angeles

"Dana has a marvelous way with craniosacral unwinding. She has studied with world-renown practitioner and teacher Gary Strauss, and carries a profound ability to hold space. Confronted with her own health crisis years ago, Dana rose to meet the challenge despite formidable difficulties and so has gained compassion and skills from both sides of the healing equation."

Aaron Zweig, Bodywork therapist and co-owner of Ojai Massage

I had the honor of having a healing treatment with Dana and I’d love to share my experience for those of you that I think could truly benefit from this type of healing modality. If you have a sensitive nervous system like me, this is for you. If you’ve ever experienced trauma that your body never quite processed and hid away (maybe everyone?), then this is for you. Dana helped me correlate my fear of feeling trapped (being panicked on an airplane has become a very real and very irrational fear for me, and I have just been feeling trapped and anxious anywhere where I can’t leave whenever I want to), to a trauma that happened at birth. My birth was rather quick, showing that I was more than ready to get out of the womb—I felt trapped most likely due to emotional factors from my parents. I never had a fear of flying before so innately I knew this was an old fear that wasn’t properly processed and was getting triggered through a similar experience.
At the beginning of the treatment I felt this wild oscillation of energy through my body; like my body had no container, like I just existed in an infinite outer space. I have felt this on quite a few occasions during meditation, or randomly in the middle of the night. I’ve always felt afraid though, because it was so startling and I would always open my eyes, and shake my body around to feel it again. So being able to feel this type of energy in a safe space allowed me to sit with it and feel it without opening my eyes and shaking myself to get the feeling to go away. Once I released into it, it stayed for the time it needed and then it was gone. It really only lasted a couple minutes. Isn’t it funny when that happens? The emotions and feelings we are always looking to hide and run away with, when felt, pass quite effortlessly and quickly. The rest of the treatment was very healing, and I felt my body begin to release and relax more and more. Today I feel lighter and brighter. I slept deeply and easily last night and feel very energized and motivated today. I highly recommend.

Calley Williams L.Ac.


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Los Angeles, CA, USA

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